Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Reef

We have seen a year full of novel to movie / comic to movie conversion this far, and less of a redo. The Reef happen to be a 'recycle' movie to me by adapting the theme of shark.
One of the biggest reason I classify it as recycle is because in this movie, you see bubbles and water in majority of the scene. So you know, every scene are more or less the same that you could eventually copy and paste to extend the length of the movie.
As far as I recall, movie with such theme wasn't really a big hit, expect when it was newly introduced. I too remember that such movie is filled with thrill and sometimes can be quite suspended. The Reef however wasn't in any of those.
The entire movie got me flash back to another movie with similar concept - Black Water, later found out that they were both from the same director (Andrew Traucki). What's worse in this movie is that the shark don't even get more than 5% of screen time (despite being in a theme), and the ending was rather jaw breaking. I felt like the entire movie is heading no where and that it fails terribly. It is not a movie that you will wanna waste your 90min of life. Trust me, don't even think of watching it even if you have watched every other movie.

Rate: 1/5

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