Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HTC Desire Apps

I believe everyone now knows the important of apps.. Apps could enhance the functionality and features of your phone. That is why older phone don't serve well nowadays, and owner who own a HTC Desire just for texting and making calls ONLY don't deserve one too..

Every phone runs on different platform and each platform support different type of file format.. So, don't just blindly search for apps that only run on Windows Mobile and try to plug it into Android Operating System..

After a week of clinging my finger to HTC Desire and a week to look for Plug-ins/Apps, this is what I can conclude for time being..

Apps that is worth paying for
Apps Name: WaveSecure

What is does:
It allows your to lock / lock / erase data remotely, yes remotely.. It could also track the location of the phone via Sim card .

Why is it useful:
Last week, a famous blogger, NicoleKiss.com lost her iPhone at one of the famous shopping mall in KL.. It was stolen from her as the act was caught on CCTV.. However the point here is, with WaveSecure, you could immediately erase off any important data on her phone even it is not physically with her, and heck maybe with the apps she could have trace the whereabout of the fella and could call for a 'gang party' :p

*Note: This is not iPhone / HTC Desire comparison but just merely an example.. After all I believe iPhone too will have such apps..

Must have FREE Apps

Apps Name: Astro File Manager

What is does:
Allows you to navigate through the files / folders in your phone as well as in your memory card.

Why is it useful:
I'm pretty sure anyone who uses PC/Notebook off any Operating System are already get used to be able to jump from folder to folder to navigate for a particular file/folder. The same thing applies here. It also allow you to install apps from the memory card as well

Apps Name: Dead Pixel Detect

What it does:
It project a blank screen with few common color

Why is it useful:
It aid you in checking whether there's dead pixel on your cool amoled screen. You can actually test and check for dead pixel with this apps right infront of the shop that you bought HTC Desire and shall there be any, you can immediate request for attention.

Apps Name: Barcode Scanner

What it does:
Like the name suggested, it scans bar code

Why is it useful:

Does this look familiar to you? No? What about this then..

Yeap is a barcode (the top one is called QR Code which is capable of storing more data).. There are sites that started using QR Code lately and what this apps does is to encrypt the message hidden in the barcode.. You too can scan on the ordinary barcode found on books and it will return info like ISBN detail, author, and etc.. Pretty handy I must say..

Apps Name: Find Me

What is does:
It will receive command via SMS, and it could reply with an exact location of the phone or play loud sound as instructed.

Why is it useful:
Similar to WaceSecure, this is not the best apps to detect a stolen phone but instead it is more suitable for location your misplaced phone. You know sometimes you just can't remember where you put your Desire and it is a headache to look for it especially when you turn into silent mode.

Apps Name: Advance Task Killer

What is does:
It works exactly like Task Manager in Windows Platform. In layman term, it quit program that is being halted / hanged

Why is it useful:
Well sometime some buggy or laggy programs will cause the phone to freeze too, best way is to exit these programs and uninstall it for good.

These are the tools that I found useful at time of the publication of this entry.. There is no doubt that there are still some pretty handy tools that I miss out or is not available yet in the market.. So feel free to leave a comment on what's your pick when it comes to MUST HAVE apps..

P/S I'm not related / affiliated to any of these mentioned apps. I'm writing merely on my personal preference and there is no right and wrong here. Also bare in mind that the apps that there might be a better apps with similar or greater functionality than those I've mention, but the point here is how such feature aid us in making it a smartphone.


heart~ said...

how much???


Fallen Angel said...

@heart the phone I assume you are asking? Well last saw HTC FB promo RM1899 with no string attach

but you can get it with maxis plan too I think less than 1.5.. not too sure though, best to confirm on their website

Is a great phone you know, and the word super is understatement.

Lawrence Tan said...

hi, been waiting for desire for 2 mths. 2 option to consider:

-get from a local phones shop that provide load of android app for free
-sign up for maxis

Q - does maxis provide app as well?
- could obtain app free of charge from web sit?

Fallen Angel said...

@Lawrence sorry to disappoint you as I'm not maxis nor HTC ambassador I'm not too sure if maxis provide you any apps.. But I do sure if the apps is related to maxis portal they do provide though :p

But fret not.. There's a whole lot of library in the Android Market (http://www.android.com/market/) where you can get your apps from or alternately you download it from web and install it from PC too.. Remember the file format supported is .apk

Cheers and hope I did clarify your doubt..

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